Marlene Marlow, President


Dear Auxiliary Members

As we are start a new year with everyone working together, we can improve our goals and have a great year. Let’s get some new ideas. Come to the auxiliary meeting on the third Monday of the month. It’s only once a month your asked to donate your time remember our veterans donated a life time. Once in service it is with veterans the rest of their life. Come to the meetings and find out all the good this organization does for the Veterans and their families, our troops, and the community. We could do much more with better participation from our members. We are here to assist our Veterans and assist our community. As I have stated before our major fundraiser is the “Wednesday Night Public Bingo.” We can always use volunteers. If you don’t think you could do the volunteer support, do so by being a player. We would love to see you there.


There will not be an Auxiliary Meeting in July we will resume meetings August 17. Other meetings in August will be a “School of Inspiration” usually known as the school of instruction. This will be held at the Florida Mall August 6 through 9. This is to inform us about the new programs for the year and all members are welcome. There will be a District Meeting at our post Sunday August 16 from 11am to 3pm. All 8 District 18 Post and Auxiliaries will be attending this meeting. We need all our members to come out and show what a strong Auxiliary we have. I am, as your President, looking forward to a great year with all of us working together, and being here for each other.


God bless Our Veterans, Our Troops, Our Families & America!


Maggie Gilchrist


A big congratulations to the new slate of Post 4287 Officers, to the new Auxiliary Officers, new Canteen Manager, new Kitchen Manager also the new house committee and it’s new Chairman. Working together we will have a great fun year and do much good for our Veterans and families. We still have work to do and that starts with Paying your Dues! As I stated in the last newsletter, I will be collecting dues anytime now. If you send your dues to me at Maggie Gilchrist 5634 R.D. Ave, Orlando, FL 32822, it will be $25.00 until September 30. (If you pay your dues in this time period July. August and September directly to National you will pay $35.00 as this is a special offer to get the dues done and make the auxiliary strong.) Any dues collected after September 30 will be $35.00. If we get our membership all done the National award will make up the $10.00 we are taking off the dues. Please note this is for persons already members. Does not apply to persons just joining as New members. Anyone just joining your membership application fee is $35.00. All annual members you will be getting a dues reminder in the mail from the Auxiliary soon. If you are getting your Auxiliary Magazine from National and a friend of yours mentions that they are not, ask them if they have moved and may not have notified me, please tell them to do so. I really want to do a good job for the auxiliary but I can only do it with everyone’s help. Also, important If you know of a member who needs assistance please let us know we are here to help our members also.


Thank you for your loyalty. Together we will make it a great year!



Monday  thru Thursday     

1100 to 2400

Friday and Saturday           

1100 to 0200


Noon to 2200



3500 S. Goldenrod Rd.

Orlando, FL 32822

P: 407-273-6581
F: 407-380-1873


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