Monday  thru Thursday     

1100 to 2400

Friday and Saturday           

1100 to 0200


1100 to 2200



3500 S. Goldenrod Rd.

Orlando, FL 32822

P: 407-273-6581
F: 407-380-1873


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We rent our Hall for all occasions!

4,000 Square Feet, Seating for 225 (Maximum),

Completely Air Conditioned, Full Bar, Band Stage


Members of This Post $450.00 -- Non-Members $650.00

This is a NO SMOKING hall.

Sorry - No parties for persons under age 21.


All alcoholic beverages will be bought from the VFW. All drinks will be at prevailing prices.

No bottles or containers will be brought into or taken out of the premises.


All fees and deposits will be paid in full two weeks prior to the rental date. A deposit of $50.00 is required to reserve your date. A minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation will be required or the deposit will not be refunded.

The rental fee includes paper tablecloths, but does not include decorations, silverware, dishes, etc.There will be an additional charge for these items if provided by the VFW.

Setting up the Hall includes arrangement of tables (with paper tablecloths) and chairs. This will be done by the VFW.

The individuals or group renting the Hall and/or Conference Room agree to leave all existing VFW materials in place.


If you want a Bartender it is $75.00.
Any and all damage or destruction to the VFW property will be paid for by the individual or group renting the Hall and/or Conference room.

An additional deposit of $200 is required. This deposit is refundable within 7 days after the Rental Date and completion of a positive inspection of the facilities by the VFW person in charge of the banquet hall, finding no damage, destruction, loss of VFW materials, and/or abusive use of the facilities.